Ubisoft Releases a New Patch for the Division Ahead of its DLC Update

The Division will have a new DLC update in the form of the “Underground” patch that will be released tomorrow. Ubisoft released a new patch 1.3 ahead of the DLC update to address some of the major issues in the game.

One of the major issues tackled by the patch update is the weapon balance in the game. You see, sub-machine guns get a lot of love pre-patch because of its sheer power and, well, you can literally obliterate the opposition by just using this weapon sub-class.

The sub-machine guns will get a nerf in their power, specifically the AUG and the Vector guns. Actually, there are a lot of weapon balances made and it would be interesting to see how the players will respond to this.

Other than the weapon balances, The Division also gets a new gear set called “AlphaBridge”. There are nine new AlphaBridge weapons added into the game. They are:

G36 Enhanced Assault Rifle

Surplus SVD Marksman Rifle

Paratrooper SVD Marksman Rifle

PP-19 Submachine Gun

Enhanced PP-19 Submachine Gun

Military G36 Assault Rifle

G36C Assault Rifle

X-45 Pistol

First Wave X-45 Pistol

There is also a special weapon added called the “Showstopper”. This shotgun, according to Ubisoft, is a perfect gun for close-quarter combat.

There is also a new feature that is introduced in the patch and that is the “weapon recalibration” feature. This feature will allow you to change a particular weapon’s talents. You can recalibrate the weapon talents in the recalibration bench.

The patch also introduces a new PvP Dark Zone for people who have a gear score of 231 and above. Players would also love the new patch because the stash size has been dramatically increased to 70 slots (which includes the stash in the base of operations).

Also, update 1.3 encourages players to be active as being inactive for 15 minutes will give you the boot. You will automatically be disconnected if you do not move for more than 15 minutes, so be sure to get a move on!

Now, they might have added a new set in update 1.3, but the new Underground DLC will provide four additional gear sets. These are the B.L.I.N.D., DeadEYE, FireCrest, and the Reclaimer.

All of these gear sets will have unique features. Take the FireCrest gear set, for example. This set allows you to set enemies on fire because it will have amazing offensive weapons capable of delivering the heat.

There will also be a new incursion called “Dragon’s Nest”. This incursion will have you travel to Hell’s Kitchen in order to investigate a new weapon called “the Cleaner”. The Cleaner can wreak havoc that is why you need to get it before it falls into the wrong hands.

You must be at level 30 and you must have completed the “General Assembly” before you can take this incursion. Furthermore, you can go with four other players who have the necessary gear to survive.

If you play the Division, update 1.3 is now available. The Paid DLC, “Underground”, will be released tomorrow. The Division: Underground is available for the PC and the Xbox One tomorrow, while the Playstation 4 version will be released at a later time.