Understanding the use of R4i cards on your console games

In these modern days, everyone can surely see the latest advancements on the console gaming platforms like the Nintendo DS and DSi in order to satisfy all types of entertainment needs of the players. It is obviously a great choice to enjoy the best types of console games on the popular video gaming consoles with the variety of new options and features. When it comes to the console game play, it is definitely famous using the R4 card which is also known as the adapter card. On this adapter card, the console game players can able to download any software or programs through the different types of DS and DSi platforms.

Why R4i for your console games?

Many console game players are really doubtful towards whether they are willing to use the R4 or R4i cards for the Nintendo DS and DSi cards. The different players have several threads to ask about the R4 SDHC or r4i SDHC flash cards in order to confirm whether they are genuinely working or not. Don’t believe the rumors regarding the R4 and R4i cards in the console gaming industry. Everyone should need to understand the DSi R4i card which is basically the storage device in order to enable all players to store and also view the data such as sound files, video files, text files, images or also homebrew games.

This type of R4i card is basically avoiding the encryption on actually the Nintendo DS and also enables the files which are to be run straight from the storage medium like the micro SD card. When it comes to this second generation or latest version of flash cards such as R4i cards, they will make use of the different types of DS game card slot rather than the GBA game card slot for making everything easier to the players.

Useful features of the R4i cards:

When considering the features of the r4i cards to be used on the popular gaming consoles, they are usually coming in the different sizes and shapes.

Everyone can surely find the two various types of Nintendo DS cards on the market. The first one is basically an original DS model and another one is the DS Lite version for making everything simpler to the players.

R4i system or card basically includes AR cheat code, 4 level brightness adjustments and also the soft reset support to all types of console games.

The user interface (UI) background can be easily changed in the possible manner once you are using the R4i cards on the different console gaming platforms.

At the same time, this system of R4i for the DSi actually enters optimized mode in the optimal manner for giving all capabilities to the players.

R4i is just the card or the memory cartridge which enables each and every player to run the various types of game files or the multimedia files on your DS or DSi platforms. The users can just insert your R4i card into the given game slot and let it run to use on the console device.